Board of Directors

Shri. Balasaheb D. Wagh,
President of K .K. Wagh Education Society, Nashik

A graduate in Agricultural Science from Govt.
College of Agriculture, Pune
A progressive agriculturist based at
Bhausahebnagar, Tal:Niphad
Ex- Managing Director, Niphad Sahakari
Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.,  Bhausahebnagar
Ex- Chairman, K.K. Wagh Sahakari Sakhari
Karkhana Ltd., Ranwad, Tal: Niphad 
Ex-President, Deccan Sugar Technologist, Pune
Ex-Vice Chairman, Distillery Association
of Maharashtra, Mumbai.
Member, Maharashtra State Jal-Sinchan Aayog.
President, Association of Managements
of Un-aided Engineering Colleges (Mah.)
President, Association of Managements
of Un-aided Agricultural Colleges.  
President, Association of Managements of
Polytechnics (Maharashtra)

Shri. Ashok R. Merchant,
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

Commerce Graduate, IATA/FIATA from Geneva, Switzerland.
Retired from Public Sector undertaking.
Trained in Modern Management methods.
Comes from a Philanthropic family.
Represents the trust who had donated the land to the K.K.Wagh Edu. Society.

Shri. Changdeorao B. Holkar,
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

A Progressive agriculturist based at Lasalgaon, Tal: Niphad.
Ex-Director, NAFED, New Delhi for the last 37 years.
Ex-Vice Chairman, NAFED, New Delhi. Ex-Director, N.H.R.D.F. and Ex-Chairman of NHRDF Ex-Director, K.K. Wagh Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Ranwad, Tal: Niphad 
Represents interests of Onion Growers at National Level
Chairman VEFCO, Lasalgaon.
Ex-Director, Indian Co-op. Tourism Ltd., Delhi
Ex-Director, Krishi Utpann Bazar Samiti Lasalgaon
Director and Ex-Chairman, Nashik Zilla Kharidi Vikri Sangh for the last 52 years.
Director, National Federation of Farmers Procurement Processing & Retailing Co-operatives of India Ltd.

Mr. Sameer Balasaheb Wagh
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

B.Chem. Engg. & M. Chem. Engg. from UDCT, Mumbai

Heading detailed Engineering Firm providing services to
Chemical Industries & Waste Water Treatment since 1997

Having 19 years Experience in the Consultancy Field. 

Dr. Keshav N. Nandurkar,
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

B.E. (Prod.), M.E. (Prod.) , Ph.D. from IITB, Mumbai
Principal of K.K.Wagh Institute of Engineering Educ. & Research, Nashik. Having 29 years Teaching Experience.
Member of National Board of Accreditation Committee

Dr. Shirish S. Sane,
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

Master in Technology (Comp. Sc. & Engg) from IIT, Bombay.  Ph. D. (Engg.) from University of Pune.  Professor and Head of Computer Engineering Department   in K.K.Wagh Institute of  Engineering Education & Research, Nashik.  
Having 29 years Teaching Experience.         

Prof. Milind B. Murugkar,
Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society

Master in Technology (Energy Sys. & Engg) from IIT, Bombay. Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department in  K.K.Wagh Institute of  Engineering Education & Research, Nashik.          
Having 28 years Teaching Experience.         .         

Dr. (Mrs.) Priti D. Bhamare,
Staff Representative of K.K.Wagh Education Society

M.E. (E&TC),  Ph.D. from IIT Bombay 
Professor and Head of  Information Technology Department in  K.K.Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik.
Having 21 years Teaching Experience. 

Prof. Kallapa S. Bandi,
Secretary of K.K.Wagh Education Society

B. E. (Civil), M. E. (Civil), F. I. E. (India)
Professor in Civil Engineering Department at Engineering College
Project Director since 11 years at K. K. Wagh Education Society and
Presently working as Secretary of K.K.Wagh Education Society, Nashik since 22/05/2012.
Having 22 years Teaching Experience.

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