K.K.Wagh Agri Farm Sites

Makhmalabad  Farm:


This Farm is situated about 15 km from Nashik on peth road in hilly area surrounded by 7 different hills.  Between the high peaks there are 7 valleys with rich greenery with different types of plants.     This Farm is being governed by K.K.Wagh College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, K.K.Wagh College of Agriculture & K.K.Wagh College of Horticulture,.  The total area of this farm is 32 Hectares. 

Salient Features:

Rain Water Conservation System with Natural Resources.

Many varieties of Mango trees are planted which are brought from all over the Country.

Medicinal plants like Shatawari, Gulwel etc. are planted in the valley.

Dairy, Poultry projects development is under progress.

Total 25,000 different varieties of trees are planted.

Makhmalabad Farm

Kasabe-Sukene Farm:


This farm is known as ‘Madhavnagar Farm’.  It is located at 8km from National Highway No.3 and (Mumbai-Agra road) is very near to Niphad Sugar factory.  The total area of this farm is 15.97 Hectares.  It is basically set up for farmers training.

Salient Features:

A training centre for Advanced Farm Technology is proposed for the benefit of farmers.

Used for seed production of field crops.

Fruit crops for experimentation.

About 5000 plants are planted.

Fruit crops like Grapes, Sapota, Guava, Date Palm, Aonla, Custard Apple, Mango, Sweet Lime under experimentation.

Kasabe Sukene Farm  

Vilholi  Farm:


This farm is situated at 8km from Nashik on the way to Mumbai.   Different types of seasonal crops & fruit crops are taken.  This Farm is looked after by K.K. Wagh College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology.  The total area of this farm is 12.10 Hectares. 

Salient Features:

Fruit crops like Sapota, Pomegranate, Tamarind are planted

Medicinal plants like Kala Dhotra, Hirda, Beheda etc. are planted

3000 different types of trees are planted viz.  Fruit trees, Building wood trees and forest trees etc.

Vilholi  Farm

Babhleshwar  Farm:


This Farm is situated 2 Km from Shinde Village on Nashik-Pune Highway.  In this farm, 12 Hectares are under cropping and 20 Hectares are used for plantation.  This farm is under the control of K.K.Wagh College of Agril. Biotechnology, Agricultural Business Management and Food Technology.  The total area of this farm is 32.29 Hectares. 

Salient Features:

This farm is especially developed for Agriculture College students experiment purpose, to study about different crops, spices experimentation, modifications and research in Agriculture.  

Water supply from ‘Kadwa Project’. 

Crops in all three seasons are being taken.

2500 different kinds of trees are planted; containing 566 Fruit trees, 332 Flower trees and 357 Forest trees and other types of trees.

Babhleshwar Farm

Puria Park  Farm:


This farm is situated near Mahsrul village.  It is used for experimentation of different projects by the Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering College students.  The total area of this farm is 8 Hectares. 

Salient Features:

Total land is used for Agriculture College students for experimentation, experiential learning units, and research work.

Utilized for seed production of various Crops and the Agricultural Engineering field trials.

Decorated with different species of flowering trees, fruit trees, medicinal plants and ornamental plants.



Puriyapark Farm

Shivangaon  Farm:


This farm is under development which is situated 35 km away from Nashik city near Trimbakeshawar.  It is looked after by K.K. Wagh College of Agriculture.  The total area of this farm is 45.51 Hectares. 



Shivangaon Farm

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